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Are you tired to studying Arabic online with videos that are 1 to 2+ hours in length? Me too! On this course, you get all the juicey parts of the grammar explained with multiple examples in a detailed but to the point fashion. After that, you're set your work to complete.


Worried about not understanding something in the videos? Don't worry! You can interact with me directly in the comments section under each lesson. I will personally read and reply to each question. We are going to travel on this journey together.

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Your course instructor is Ismaeel Beaumont, a graduate from the Faculty of al-hadith at the prestigious Islamic University al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia and the Director of Maysoor. He now resides in London, UK where is currently the Imam of Croydon ICT mosque. During his time studying Arabic, he has spent endless hours and sleepless nights trying to master the mechanics of the Arabic language. Here at Maysoor, we are committed to ensuring that you get the very best in high quality, educational yet fun and engaging Arabic lessons. We have made this our obligation! ‘Our videos are easy to understand and no matter what your level is in your Arabic language journey, you’re bound to enjoy and benefit from them inshaAllaah. We believe that not only do you deserve to learn Arabic, but it should be presented in such a way that is easy to digest, fun to complete and ultimately lead you on a unique spiritual journey connecting you with the words of Allah.

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